Monday, May 07, 2001

You've made the world a stranger place.
God damnit Blogger (wy webpublishing tool) why don't You behave? We used to be such good friends
The strangest things truly happen dear anonymous friend. In fact, it's You and me now - yes You. How does that make You feel?
You may already know that i am, in fact, single. If they shoot Singles part II I can have a major part (you know, that Seattle movie...). If it where up to me, I'd be some slick, a little bit mean, hard to get kinda guy. But thats probarly not going to be the case, Im sorry to say. I'd probarly be that sensitive, romantic, boring one.
The world is never easy on You, friend.
There is really something wrong with the updates. They just don't show up when they ought to. I wonder where they are, perhaps in the same country where the missing socks live.
If you make a search on 'Dirty Recruiters' on Google, You just might stumple upon my page. Strange... I do not know what a dirty recruiter do, but I sure would like to meet one...