Friday, March 16, 2001

Hamburger and fries for lunch. It's not that good. I would rather have something with noodles. Noodles are god for you. Noodles make me happy. Here are some things that don't make me happy:

  • My boss
  • The fact that there's more than a week left for salary
  • Some of my collegues political affiliation(spelled right?), thoughts and ideas about imigration, the enviroment and the like.
  • Some other stuff

One more thing that make me happy is this: Friday

Thursday, March 15, 2001

I was sitting on the bus, on my way home from my 8 to 17 work. Every weekday, 8 to 17, barely no exceptions. Thats when it occured to me - Im middleclass. I might even be upper middleclass.
The word is spelled c-h-o-c-k
What does it mean to be middleclass then. Well for starters, You worry about the economy. Not just Your own, but also the economy of the country. You worry about the stockmarket, unemployment and not getting thoose loans You want.
I come from a low middleclass family, close to lowclass (?), poor, and You might think I’d be pleased advancing to my current position, and of course in a way I am. In my family, no one have any education to talk of, except me. I like having a good paycheck each and every month (I don’t like working for it but thats another issue). Well ok, thats all I like about work... Err, no thats not true. I enjoy being a professional. Being the one that people ask for help, ask because they would never learn what I know (they’re to old). Ok, blah, blah...
Back to the revolution.
I never used to worry about anything (thats why Im not allowed to take any loans or buy anything on credit for about three years ahead). If the job didn’t suit me, I quit, not worrying about tomorrow. I never could do something like that now. Lets be realistic - who’s gonna pay the rent, the food, the phonebill, etc.
See what I mean.
The life of a paycheckslave is far from the revolution. Avanti Popolo!
God does not play dice.
Suicidal Tendencies on the radio... I used to like them, but now im a middleclass worker and all i ever listen to is Dolly Parton and Elvis Costello... But im not gonna turn off the radio...

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

My collegue had to be at work early, so I took the opportunity of getting a lift with him. Of course I don't own a drivers license myself, 'cause im only 27.
Im early, and thats why I can't barely stay awake behind the keyboard. Sometimes, the greatest wish in the world is to just get 30 minutes more of quality sleep.
It's been to long since a met Lips. I reALLy miss her, and I miss having money in the bank. Why can't it be the 25th sometime=salaryday, soon. I should be more happy having a paycheck every two weeks, 'cause perhaps I shouldn't have the time to spend it all. Or at least didn't have to wait for so long.
Thats life.

Monday, March 12, 2001


Couldn't agree more. I agree so much it hurts.
MD - in pain
Just a letter from my friend Marcel

Hey man,
Well, back at work. You barely have time to come home until it's time to go back.
M - tired

Couldn't agree more.
the clouds are walking in the sky. im so [insert bad word here] bored that I don't really know where to put myself. you shouldn't be bored at work, you should be busy.
im now to be seen in technicolour aND WIDESCREEN. damn CAPS LOCK. why don't you just get rid of yourself.
fight the power.
Things are getting somewhat difficult. People want me to get a new apartment, and they think that I want one in this city. What they don't know is that I don't want to live here. I wanna go down to G-City, to Lips. Im such a secretive person. Gotta get a new job r-e-a-l soon.
The weekend then... Well, ok - nothing more, nothing less. Beer, dogs, the pub, watched a documentary 'bout the Sex Pistols (pretty intresting) and... No, nothing more.
Now, it's Monday again. It's always Monday again.