Thursday, May 03, 2001

I think my english is getting worse and worse.
One might wonder why I don't talk about my grrl-f so much nowadays. For starters, I haven't written that much in the past weeks, and there is no grrl-f anymore. But theres still Lips. I could talk about her anyway, it's not like we're mortal enemys, quite the opposite. But im anyway to busy with myself right now.
Well here's the new Max place: a nice little flat in an old building, from like 1920/30 or something. It's on the bottom floor where You can look at a little garden outside (and a factory but thats not really within reach... or well, it could be). Tomorrow, I might celebrate with some red, red wine, and some white, white Marlboro. Look there - some product placement. I'll receive $100 bu cheque some time soon.
Gotta go. Can't sit at work writing stuff like this. Im an importent person, and im going home soon anyhow! Real soon...
Well, what can I say about my new apartment - - - it's fabolous. It's like a castle, like a house on a little praire.
Yes, it's very nice indeed. My limbs hurt today though, and I haven't really slept tonight: to many new sounds, the bed placed not quite like it used to... I think Im gonna enjoy living there.
Such a simple thing and everything feels so much better.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

I do not know what to say or who to say it to. At least im moving today, to another apartment, but in the same no-good town. My life's in desperate need of a reboot.
Maybe im talking to myself here.
Im so tired of everything: on me, on the surroundings, work, my jeans, shoes, haircut, haircolor.... I do like the weather though: spring. Nothing is ever all bad I guess... But what if it starts to rain... Where do we go then?