Saturday, February 10, 2001

new design again. make up your mind some day soon man. well, maybe im gonna.

Friday, February 09, 2001

Let's be a bit miserable a while. It's friday, im 27 and at one of my parents house, drinking beer, sitting in front of the computer, and sometimes even watching quizshows. Grrlfriend is a 4,5 h busdrive away, aswell as Marcel, But Longhair's in town.
You work all week, and You only look forward to the next rest, the next weekend.
Things are to ordinary. You work all week and drink all weekend, so the little rest You need disappears behind a bottle of good irish whiskey. Im to ordinary aswell. I don't get angry easily, Im quite friendly with my co workers and other people. I normally don't say anything when Ali at the grocers's charge a few coins more than it should cost.
That is me.
On the other hand, I might have qualities that separate me from the everyday man. Let's see... Hmmm. Ok, im kinda liberal to drugs in general (not that a use them To Much myself, ok we all like some marijuana, but thats it). Whats more, eh... Well, I probarly drink more than usual... More than your average Bob. Remember, I haven't said that theese qualities are good, must point that out. Then, I don't know what more to say. I'll get back to You, monsieur!
If Marcel is looking at this - have a nice weekend! Don't let people pick on You because You look a little funny. And I think You'd be a great dancer once You get a hang on it, just remember not to step on any toes, mental or physical ones.
When the time is right, I might teach You a few steps myself.

Thursday, February 08, 2001

ok, so this design totally suck in netscape. SUPRISE!!!!
it is not!
Im working on some new design, so thing's can be pretty messed up. Probarly, the design's gonna change in a week or so.
im getting an overdose on vitamine c. yeeeeeeeeeeeez. orange juice is good for you.
My friend Marcel has taken up Salsalessons. He said it's because he can touch other girls than his fiance, but theres more to it. He has quit smoking. It's typical. They can't manage living away from me, everything goes straight to hell. Soon he'll apply for membership in the Salvation Army.
Longhair, another friend, haven't done anything real stupid yet, that I know of, but it's only a matter of time.
I have to get to that city soon, and see if theres anything left to save.
This is Evil part 3. I think USA's new president seems evil. If he were to be an evil character in a movie, he'd be the emperor in Star Wars. The primeminister of Sweden would perhaps... No, can't come up with any boring characters now...
If I where a film I'd probarly be............... Hmmm, this is hard but it might be The good, the bad and the ugly by Sergio Leone. (I really don't know if it's called that, I translated it directly from swedish. You shouldn't do that.)
If I where a song I'd be Explosions by Devo.
In my local oriental grocery store, the owner (whom I call Ali) calls me boss. I enter the shop for some milk, and he say's 'Hey there boss, what's up, only milk today eh?!' And if Im buying a couple of beers: 'Drinkin again boss?!'. Sometimes we discuss the situation in Saudi Arabia, but then he always get kinda moody.
Im not sure why he calls me boss, but perhaps I have an auro of leadership around me. That might very well be so.
My girlfriend bought a t-shirt that said ’Die sexist pig!’ And I thought about buying a t-shirt for her that said cute. From now on she’s going to be referred to as grrlfriend.
She’s gone deep into feministcountry. I have to watch what I say around her.
Here’s som ism’s that I don’t like:
im from a rich family and think anyone can come anywhere in life if You work hardism

Here one ism that I like:
Why’s do I always use headlines when I write. This isn’t a freakin newspaper. From now on - no more headlines, or at least not so many. Sometimes a situation may arise that require a headline.
Don't call
Im out for lunch right now so I'll not answer any calls. None whatsoever, don't matter how importent it is.
It's raining. Just two days ago it was -20° celsius. If You only know fahrenheit I can't help You, but it's coooold. Polarbears would put on hat's in that weather, now they'd buy an umbrella.
I don't own an umbrella 'cause it would damage my reputation.

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

I call the skinhead that lives above me Piglet. He's about as broad as he is tall. He has a dog that barks alomost everyday about 6.00.
Piglet like speaking german, or to be exact, it's just one phrase he likes. He likes it so much, he wish his neighbours to hear him to. That we do.
What makes a person being a skinhead, besides the comfort never to worry about hair style? I don't know, but Piglet seem to enjoy it. He always smile and says hello when I meet him after being out on something. Piglet says hi, I say hi, his dog doesn't say much 'cause his time is thoose minutes just before You wake up.
Maybe he's one of thoose nice skinheads I've read about. The ones only intrested in 60's worker culture in England. But we're in Sweden now, and by the way, englishmen don't speak german neither.
You shouldn't judge people though! Even when they've seem to forgot their brain around age 14.
I like my coffe hot, but I haven't really decided whether it should be milk or no milk. When I have the chance, I pour some milk in it but frankly, I can not decide what I like the most.
Marcel mess up
Ok, Marcel (a friend) accidentely sent an e-mail to a co worker of mine. Now, how did he manage that? That im not quite sure of yet. He haven't written anything back since I sent him an angry e-mail with, among other thing's, words like sucker, jerk, moron among others where mentioned. Maybe I offended him. But he should be offended.
I haven't asked what the letter was about, didn't dare. Sometimes, his letters contain messages that are best left untold...
According to The Spark Gender Test I am 93% male, which should be correct. It also means that I am 7% female. I don't know if that is good or bad, or if it means anything at all. Probarly the latter though.
Could one determine if your male or female through some quiestions (done by some server side scripting with if, else and elseif statement most probarly if someone's intrested)? Well, they did...
This design is boring. It's only fair to put is straight. "The design You've used on this site Max, well, it sucks, boring, colourless. Evil".
Well, im gonna improve it then, but when You for example work with one type of stuff everyday, You don't want to do it when You go home.
I work with webdesign, and Nobody pays me to good design at home. That's it.
But it could be better than this. This design looks like welfare.
Weblog turned evil
With all this talk about evil, it suddenly appeared as if my weblogservice, Blogger, turned evil. All of a sudden, it looked like all my weblogs where gone, dead, invisible.... Panic, is a word describing the feeling.
But then, Blogger turned back to the good side, and gave them all back.
Evil dreams
I had something of a nightmare tonight. It was about evil takin hold on earth. Everywhere there where theese evil agents, in forms of skinheads, recruiting people for their cause. They where everywhere. But I knew that I'd most likely get eaten if I where to join them. Of course I did not even consider it.
I remember feeling fear when I watched the recruiters perform their dirty work.
Then the dream took on somewhat dramatic proportions. There was this huge mass of obvious evil people walking away, surrounded by flames. Gravity did not seem to bother them as they walked up a mountain, vertical I might add to give You a sense about the pure evil being at work here.
The dream went on with some fleeing, hiding and such, as evil took a greater hold on earth and hope was swept away.
In comes Max Deid.
I stood on top on some boxes and such, looking out over a crowd of people (good guys I guess). And who was I then?
Well, let me tell You, I was none other than light and hope personified. Don't that look like a touch of hubris (greek god personifying lack of restraint).
I have some ideas where I found material for that dream, 'cause I don't actually beleive it was a prophecy.
My neighbour is a skinhead, and I D-O-N-T like skinheads, and I've recently read a book with light and hope personified was somewhat of a theme.
But then again, it might be a prophecy and then we're all up to our necks with trouble...

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

Silly, silly
Silly, salty. I should be a hype, me thinks. What's a hype? Do'now, but it sound's good.
The word cyber has been abused I think. Nowadays, it mean something totally different than it used to in the 80's and early 90's. We should take the word back where it belongs! Back then, if anyone remember, even companys could be called cyber something. But if they where to now, then 'Oooh, You're soooo 80 something.'
I'd like to own a company named Cyber something... Maybe Cyber Internet Solutions, or Cyberntiska Internet Lösningar if I where to say it in swedish...
Well, it is late. I talked to Lips, and she said she where goin to sleep. I said I was going to sleep, but I always say that. Then around 00,30, I start thinking about goin to sleep. Now im happy if I get at least 5 hours sleep. This should prove my status as a information burnout.
But, it is dropout, that I am!
Sometimes, I feel my english should be better. But then again, perhaps Im writing in some strange psuedo english/ american accent long forgotten by the natives.
That's it!
Long live the king.
Im eating way to much meat right now, must've eaten a whole cow and at least five chicken's the last two weeks...
That's it, from now on, there's noodles and vegetables. AND NO POPCORN EITHER!
this is a quickpoll. what do i wan't to be when I grow up. or, basically, i am a grown up, so here's what i wanna be/do now.
1. live in alaska (wearing a fat jacket, skiglasses and everything, and sit by an open fire at evenings)
2. be a writer, get published, rich
3. be a ace webdesigner
4. be a ace php programmer
5. own a café
6. don't do anything, just be rich, buying record's, book's, companys, countries
Ok, so I haven't uppdated since friday. According to me, that's perfectly ok.
I can not say that I've been to busy this weekend, neither did my computer crash, my apartment didn't burn down and I did not spill anything on the keyboard.
Actually, there is no reason whatsoever.
But the weekend was ok I guess. A niece visited me on friday. We went to Ronald McDonalds place on saturday. Huh, You shouldn't go there. I don't really know why, but You shouldn't.
Then, saturday evening, there was a party at Max place, with co workers and lot's of lot's of liqour's - different brands and strengths. Quite ok.
Oooops. I finally realized that my life in this town t-o-t-a-l-l-y suck, rock bottom, end of the world. I got to do something s o o n, or I might aswell team up with the devil and start taking evening courses or something.
I got to get out of this place, before it's....
It's like living in a vaccumcleaner.